Escapeman is basically on eternal hiatus. I should have ended the strip at the conclusion of the last storyline, and I pretty much knew that. I may some day conclude the current "future" storyline in some half-butted way. Until then, please do come over and join me at my comic site,! It gonna be fun.

For any interested, Escapeman was a 10 year (or more) "Stream of Consciousness" strip where I basically drew things out as they popped into my head. No scripts, just general ideas as to where the story might go. Sometimes not even that. It was a lot of fun, but... something about the correlation of certain real world events along with the decision to actually try getting a comic plublished and/or read by larger audience kind of merged and halted the strip.
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    Strip for July 3, 2011.
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I'm too annoyed in "real" life to do this right now.
I didn't intend to just leave things hanging, but you know how dumb
crap gets in the way of everything. At least the Escapeman we all know
and love got his proper ending. Will Escapeman Neo? Time will tell.


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